Creative studio internship

afc ajax

AFC Ajax is the most recognizable and famous Dutch football club, based in Amsterdam. I did an internship for the creative studio of the marketing department for half a year. I started doing small promotion posts (upcoming matches, results, social posts) but it wasn’t long before the newly started eSports department needed me for branding and promotion. I helped them make a corporate identity. I also made promotions for upcoming events they were organizing and I was responsible for creating the visuals for the events.


Jan 2017 – July 2017
AFC Ajax, marketing department


Graphic design (online & offline)

Ajax does an annual campaign for the season tickets. During my internship I was also involved. They wanted a whole new and fresh campaign with paint brushes for the X’s and they wanted to use a new font. I gave them my input and feedback and we came up with this.

My biggest and final project during the internship was designing the first ever Club Steelbook in the World. During this project I was working together with Electronic Arts and Steelbook®️.

Other projects

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